Gearheart for Delegate
Gearheart for Delegate
"Conservative with a Heart for West Virginia"


Marty Gearheart is a Conservative with a heart for West Virginia. Volunteer for his campaign for House of Delegates by clicking the button on the right.


Battle Tested Conservative
Small Business Owner and Father
Member House of Delegates


Create transparency

Increase transparency within the Division of Transportation and Parkways Bond expenditures and assure compliance with the law.


reign in government spending

Reign in on Government Spending by examining budget line by line and utilizing re-appropriated and special revenue accounts as prudent.


tax reforms

Broad sweeping tax reforms should take place including considering reductions and eliminations in all areas.

Education reform

Review entire code regarding education to streamline and maintain local control. Empower local schools to accomplish goals with less red tape.

Department of Transportation

Streamline the Division of Highways and Motor Vehicles for best utilization of the limited dollars available.



Marty Gearheart has a heart for West Virginia and a rock solid record of getting things done. Marty won’t need on the job training, he is ready to fight for us on day one.

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September 2019

I believe that the path to a better West Virginia economy must start with defending the coal industry, improving infrastructure, cutting wasteful spending, and launching serious tax reform.




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